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The Finest Fishing Experience

The Touch of Gray is a fully licensed and insured vessel that offers unmatched deep sea fishing adventure and custom charter experiences with a COI to carry 30 passengers up to 100 miles offshore in the Gulf of Maine. She is a 43’ Torres Hailing from Spring Point Marina located in South Portland, Maine. With less than a 2-mile ride to the open ocean, this puts the Touch of Gray in great proximity to the best fishing grounds and cruising sites that the coast of Maine has to offer. The Touch of Gray is the largest charter boat/head boat north of New Hampshire. With a seasoned Captain and Crew, the Touch of Gray will provide an adventure with unforgettable memories of your fishing experience, custom charter, or special occasion cruise in Casco Bay and on the waters of the Gulf of Maine!


A Unique Adventure

Private and small charters welcome. 

Loved by
Friends & Families

"Captain  Hood just knew where the good fishing was. Awesome time."

Michelle, 49


Let's go fishing!

Specialize in Shark and Tuna excursions. 

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