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Targeted Fish: Thresher, Mako, Porbeagle and Blue Shark

Leaves: 0500-0600 (Depending on fishing reports tide and weather conditions)

Maximum passengers: up to 6 passengers

Cost: $2000 + gratuity 15-20%customary

About: Typically a 8-10 hour day of fishing. 


A 50% NON-REFUNDABLE deposit reserves the Touch of Gray for the date that you select for your Private Deep Sea Fishing Charter and the balance is due 14 days before your scheduled Private Deep Sea Fishing date. Should your private charter be cancelled by the captain for any reason a full refund will be issued or applied to a future charter at the customers discretion. The captain reserves the right to terminate the Fishing Trip at any time without refund


While the wheelhouse of the boat is dry and warm it can only hold 6 customers, so it is necessary to bring the appropriate clothing for the season.  Please feel free to call the captain a day or two prior to your charter for the weather forecast.


The Captain recommends the following items for your charter:

*Food & Water

*Warm cloths, dress for the weather forecast (while it may be 80 degrees at the pier, it will be much cooler on the water)

*Boots or Non-marking soft sole shoes

*Rain gear





*Motion sickness pills if needed (highly recommend taking the prescribed dosage before the boat leaves the dock)

*A small to medium size coolers w/ice to take your fish home in. No large or extra-large cooler will be allowed.

Please read our BOAT RULES  here.

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