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Meet the Captain

Captain Paul Hood holds a 200-ton, USCG Master's license and has been on the waters of the Atlantic Ocean since the early age of 5 His vast experience includes numerous commercial fishing vessels.  As a 3rd generation commercial fisherman, he has fished both in-shore and off-shore lobstering & gillnetting as well as on a Swordfishing boat.  

 I love the ocean and all it has to offer. I am a people person and enjoy conversations with people from all different backgrounds. Telling outlandish fish stories or bragging about how many fish I have caught is not what you will hear when you come fishing with me. I encourage questions about my fishing experiences, bottom line, it’s not about me, it’s about you having fun making memories and enjoying a day at sea taking in the sights and experiences, things that most people never get a chance to do.

Your Safety is always first and foremost while having fun and making memories a close second.

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Meet the Touch of Gray

The “Touch of Gray” is a 43’ x 15’ Torres built in Key West Florida in 1987. She has a full keel and is hard chine. She was originally built as a Sword-Fishing boat and was originally called the “Happy Hooker”!! The Happy Hooker swordfished for 10 years from South Carolina to Georges Bank. The Happy Hooker was swordfishing on the Hudson Canyon when the “Perfect Storm” hit the North Atlantic in 1991.  She was in 25’ seas for 2 days and made it back to port.  In the mid 90’s she was converted into a gillnetter, targeting Cod and Monkfish, and fished out of Montauk NY. In 2013 I was fishing my 45’ Hatteras and decided to look for another platform to fish. When I was in my teens there was 43’ Torres lobster fishing where I grew up and it was a WEAPON. We would see that boat sit like a duck while it hauled lobster gear and it would be blowing 15-20kts - the boat did not roll or move. **This sea-keeping ability makes for a great deep sea fishing platform. She would steam by with 100 lobster traps on deck and it looked like it didn’t even phase the boat. I bought the Touch of Gray in 2013 and performed a major refit on her over the next several years. I installed a deck, fish hold, live wells, new engine, generator, wiring, electronics, safety railing, mast, and head. She now has 9 watertight compartments, 5 fuel tanks, and a Big Yellow Caterpillar engine. Being a 43’ x 15’ hard chine boat gives the Touch of Gray great sea-keeping ability and comfort to the customer while lying to when we deep-sea fish or while we are steaming out to the fishing grounds or back to the dock. The Touch of Gray is an absolute fishing machine and she won’t disappoint you! 

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