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Fish: Cod, Haddock, Pollock, Cusk, Hake, Halibut, Monk Fish and more!
Check in time: 0600 SHARP
Boat Leaves: PROMPTLY @ 0630
Returns: 1500 (Approx.)
Cost: $155.00 + 15-20% gratuity pp for the mate.
Min: 7 passengers minimum to fish.
Max: 12 passengers. The Touch of Gray prefers to provide a quality fishing experience to their customers by not overcrowding the boat.

Mandatory Check in: 0600

Boat leaves PROMPTLY at 0630*

*It takes time for passengers to be check-in and for the Captain to give the safety brief so the Touch of Gray can get underway on time, please be at boat by 0600 SHARP.

Deep-Sea Fishing trips are open boat, which means it is open to the public. There is no assigned seating, however, if you pick a spot it’s yours for the day on the Touch of Gray. The wheelhouse is limited to 6 passengers for operational safety reasons. Open Boat fishing trips target Cod, Haddock, Pollock, Cusk, Hake, Halibut, Monk Fish, and more!! The boat leaves the dock PROMPTLY at 0630 and returns at 1500 @ $155 + 15-20% gratuity pp for the mate.  There is a 7 passenger minimum with a 12 passengers maximum on all Open Boat trips. Less is more!

There needs to be a minimum of seven (7) passengers booked for the Touch of Gray to leave the dock for every public fishing trip. Less is more!

NO REFUND will be issued to customers who MISS THE BOAT or are no-shows.

The Touch of Gray will not return to port early because someone gets seasick while out on the fishing grounds. Should you want a more personal and exclusive fishing trip for your family or group small or large a private charter is your best option. This allows you to control how many passengers are on board your trip and it also allows you to head in early from your trip. The Captain reserves the right to terminate the charter at any time without a refund.

Customers are responsible for lost gear and/or damaged equipment and will be charged accordingly. (See Boat Rules)


While the wheelhouse of the boat is dry and warm it can only hold 6 customers, so it is necessary to bring the appropriate clothing for the season.  Please feel free to call the captain a day or two prior to your charter for the weather forecast.


The Captain recommends the following items for your charter:

*Food & Water

*Warm clothes, dress for the weather forecast (while it may be 80 degrees at the pier, it will be much cooler on the water)

*Boots or Non-marking soft sole shoes

*Rain gear





*Sea sickness or motion sickness, over-the-counter medication if needed, or contact your Doctor about the Scopolamine patch (highly recommended.) Follow the directions on the medication package.

*A small to medium size cooler w/ice to take your fish home in. No large or extra-large cooler will be allowed.

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